Getting Back Into Routine


Getting Back Into Routine

Hopefully you’ve had a wonderful Christmas break and are now looking to get back into a health and fitness routine. Here are some handy tips to do with motivation, muscle memory and healthy habits. Give this article a read and you’ll be on track in no time!

Set Some Goals

Step one is to figure out what your goals are. Typically most people feel out of routine and unfit after their Christmas break.

You might want to drop a few kilos or get into a consistent training regime. Whatever your goal, put it down in writing.

Studies show that those who describe their goals in written form are more likely to achieve them.

Try writing down three things you want to achieve before February and display that note on your fridge or work desk.

This will help you keep the end goal in mind and prevent deviation from the plan.

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Make A Daily To Do List

As they say “a dream without a plan is just a wish”. It’s great to have lofty goals but you are unlikely to achieve them without a well thought out plan.

Use the notes app on your phone to create a daily to do list.

If you have a plan of what you need to do then you are less likely to suffer decision fatigue.

Humans have to make thousands of decisions every day and that can be stressful. Planning out your day in advance reduces the number of decisions you’ll have to make.

This preserves your mental energy and promotes productivity. Also the act of ticking everything off on your list is very rewarding.

Give this a try and see how much easier your life admin becomes.

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Clear Out The Crap

Now is the time to get rid of any leftover Ferrero Rochers from Christmas.

Keeping junk food in the house can lead to mindless snacking potentially  making your goals harder to achieve.

Studies from Cornell University show that those who keep junk food on their kitchen counters weigh 9-11kg more than those who don’t.

Additionally participants who had a fruit bowl in their house were far more likely to actually consume fruit.

If fat loss or healthy eating is your goal then make it easier on yourself by removing high calorie foods from your home and workplace. Out of sight, out of mind.

If you don’t want to waste perfectly good lollies and food then donate it to a local community box.

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Start Slow - Your Muscles Will Eventually Remember What To Do

Don’t waltz into the gym and expect to hit a new personal best. If you’ve taken a decent chunk of time off the training then you should ease back in slowly.

Make sure to do a proper warm up before you workout and don’t feel obliged to go too heavy.

Although taking time off the gym can result in a loss of strength, the difference will be very minor.

Previously trained muscles acquire strength much faster compared to beginners who have no experience with weights. This is commonly known as ‘muscle memory’.

Recommencing your usual workout routine with slightly lighter weights will decrease risk of injury and you’ll be back to lifting heavy in no time.

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Exercise While You Socialise

Instead of going out for lunch with friends, why not schedule an activity to do together?

This could be as simple as going for a walk or a swim. Maybe try something new like Woodhill Forest Tree Adventures or attend a local yoga class.

Not only are you getting in quality social time but you are moving while you do it!

Too many people spend their days sitting in traffic or chained to their desk. Get out and be active as much as you can.Your body will thank you for it and studies show that enlisting the help of a friend will make you more likely to get it done.

If you find it hard to fit in daily exercise then find a gym buddy. Being active is much easier when you have a friend to do it with.

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Treat Yourself

No we don’t mean treat yourself with chocolate. How about buying yourself some new gym clothes or supplements to reignite your gym motivation?

Sometimes a bit of retail therapy is all you need to get excited about training.

Author James Clear has found that you are more likely to make exercise a habit if you reward yourself afterwards.

You could take a long walk to a coffee shop and treat yourself to a post stroll cup of java.

Or you could get a tasty new protein powder to ensure your post workout shake becomes an enjoyable tradition. If you invest money into your health and fitness goals, you will be far more likely to achieve them.

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Now that you have some handy tips for getting back on track, all you need to do is implement them.

Write down your goals, find a buddy and reward yourself for the little efforts. You will be feeling your best in no time!