NZProtein aims to provide the world's most pure protein supplements to athletes, bodybuilders, and the fitness-conscious by utilising New Zealand's rich dairy industry. By taking a progressive approach to research and development, we seek to provide innovative and new plant and egg based alternatives for health enthusiasts.

We are focused on quality and customer satisfaction, and welcome any feedback or suggestions. Thank you for your support.


81a Huia Road, Otahuhu
New Zealand
Ph: +64 9 3921730
Email: sales (at)


- How long will it take to receive my order?
Auckland - same/next working day.
North Island - next working day.
South Island - next working day, or 2-3 working days for bulkier parcels.

- Are you really the fastest at dispatch?
Yes. We dispatch same working day. The courier picks up from us 2-3x each work day. More info is on our shipping page.

- Can I pick up?
Yes, we're always there during business hours. Please note it's a distribution warehouse and not a store, so we don't have EFTPOS. Feel free to order online first and state you'll pick up in the instructions. We'll have it ready straight away.

- How do I mix your protein powders?
We don't add any agents to modify the texture of our protein powders so you'll need a lot less liquid than you may be used to with imported brands. We try to keep it clean and simple.

Most milk based protein powders are two heaped scoops (31.25g) to 200-250ml of water or milk, but check the directions on the label.

For samples, directions are stated on the respective sample sachet pages.

- Which protein powder is for me?
We have a huge range and it can be confusing. There's more info on this page, including a side by side comparison table.

- Do you deliver overseas?
Currently we send to Australia and Asia with DHL.
Asia: (as the DHL cost is the same, it's OK to order via here for any Asian country).