The Key to Burning Fat

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The Key to Burning Fat

Fat Loss Plan

The key to being in the fat loss zone is burning more calories than you consume. There are also other important factors including type of foods eaten, hydration, sleep, muscle maintenance and exercise.

To maximise your fat loss journey follow these steps:

Get a Fat Burning Workout

Speeding up your metabolic rate results in more calories burnt, and the key to fat loss is burning more calories than you consume.

Lifting weights (and proper nutrition) helps to build muscle and muscle takes energy for the body to maintain, so strength training is a key way to speed up your metabolism. Push your limits though because the body adapts. It takes new challenges and heavier weights (progressive overload) on an ongoing basis to develop lean mass, but once you get started you'll be burning more calories all day!

Take Measurements

Record your fat loss expectations but make sure they're realistic. While your rate of fat loss can be enhanced, you won't be losing 5kg a week just because you're eating more protein. A practical rate of fat loss is 0.5-1.5kg per week for average, healthy individuals. If you're dropping weight too quickly then you may be losing muscle mass.

Have a starting point - whether you take measurements with a tape measure or body fat callipers, progress photos, or even just your weight on a scale.

Give it a few weeks before assessing progress. Results can vary between individuals but if you find that you aren't seeing the results you'd hoped for after several weeks then it may be worth assessing your training and dietary intake.

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Fat Burning Foods

Common high protein foods include:

  • Chicken and poultry
  • Beef, lamb and red meats
  • Legumes and beans, hempseeds and tofu
  • Soy
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fish and seafood
  • Eggs
  • And of course, protein powders

It is common to consume up to 1.8-2 grams of protein per kilogram of body mass to help to prevent lean mass loss when energy is restricted for fat loss.

While you can reduce fat and carbohydrates, even if you're not hungry protein should be consumed (and don't forget your vegetables)! Visualise the physique that you're wanting to achieve - is your body sculpted or flat?

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Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated. Dehydration occurs with a loss of just 1-2% of total body water and physical performance can be significantly affected by a loss of water.

Drink plenty of water and keep one of our hydrator bottles nearby because higher water intake can increase feelings of fullness which can lead to less calories consumed. Drinking water 30 minutes before meals has been shown to reduce energy intake.

Just be careful with what you drink because some drinks including juices, energy drinks, fizzy drinks, high calorie coffee beverages and other drinks with added sugar won't help with your fat loss goals.

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Sleep Enough

Sleep is important for repair, recovery, and hormone balance. You've heard it before because it's so important: get eight hours of sleep a night.

Studies have found that sleep loss limits fat loss and in general those who slept 7-8 hours per night weighed less and had less risk of weight gain than those reported sleeping for 5 hours or less per night.

Deep sleep is key to a lean and muscular physique. Some people may want to use fat burners to provide them with energy to work out because they're always tired and deprived from sleep. This approach can lead to increases in blood cortisol and decreased testosterone, which will limit and prevent muscle gain and fat loss.

Take a Fat Burner Supplement

Combining good nutrition and intense training with our Fat Burner supplement can be highly effective for shredding fat and getting in your best shape. It can also help you get there faster by giving you the power to push harder in your workouts.

NZProtein's Thermogenic Fat Burner powder is a potent supplement that's formulated to help you get in the fat burning zone in three ways:

  • By regulating blood sugars, helping to suppress appetite and control cravings
  • By having a thermogenic effect that increases metabolism and aids fat burning
  • By increasing energy product to enhance weight loss.

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