Which NZProtein Products Contain Gluten?


Which NZProtein Products Contain Gluten?

This article is to advise which of our products contains gluten.

While we try to avoid allergens wherever possible, currently we manufacture two products that contain wheat and two others that contain oats.

  1. Protein mug cake mix contains wheat. (We tried to make it without wheat, tried and tried some more. It didn't work though).
    nz protein mug cake mix sachet
  2. NZ Whey protein - cookies n cream flavour contains biscuit pieces.
    nzprotein whey 1kg pouch
  3. Pr-oats contain oats.
    nzprotein pr-oats sachet
  4. Protein pancake mix contains oats.
    nz protein pancake mix

While care is taken, a range of our other products are processed on the same machinery that handles gluten.

Article published 20/06/2022.